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Friend and family location tracking using the phone in your pocket

Subject to mobile internet and GPS availability

Keep track of your fleet, wherever they may be

mapTraxx is a great way to connect with friends and family, whether near or far

It is a small app that runs on your Android or iOS device and it tracks your location as you go about your day (or night!)

It tracks you when you want to be tracked, but not when you don't

It is free to download and free for personal use

Great for businesses too, for just a small fee

Quick and easy registration with an email address means you can be connected in moments

Find friends, participate in groups, and navigate your way with ease

There are many situations where you can use mapTraxx - here are some everyday suggestions:

Out And AboutOut And About

Out and about? Let your family and friends know where you are.

If you are out on your own, it is sometimes reassuring to know that someone is keeping an eye on where you are.

mapTraxx lets you do just that by connecting with friends and family.

Unobtrusive tracking while you are out and about keeps them up-to-date.

On The MoveOn The Move

Travelling? Let them know how you are doing - without doing a thing!

Let those you are travelling to watch your progress.

They no longer need to ask "Where are you now? How long will you be?". A quick check of their contacts list will instantly tell them all they need to know.

Or they can watch you on the map...whatever works best for them and you!

Meeting UpMeeting Up

Meeting up? Find your friends easily...

With mapTraxx it is super easy to locate your friends, whether they are on the move or not.

Use the "Find" facility on the map and head straight to where they are.

No more wondering if you are in the right place!


Participating in an event?

Join the group, grab the route, and follow it on the map if you want to.

Compare how you are doing against your friends.

All with the simple convenience of mapTraxx!