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mapTraxx for Commercial use in more detail

The sum of the parts : website and app working together

The mapTraxx website is your control centre.

It is where you manage your mapTraxx account and where you track your participants.

Each participant uses the mapTraxx app on their smartphone and joins your tracking session.

Once joined, the website shows their latest position.

Setting up your commercial account : it's really quite simple

You need to have a personal account first. From the dashboard you can add another tracking account.

Keep the admin password safe - this is your entry point to the system. The participant password is less sensitive. As the admin, you will accept or reject requests to join a tracking session.

The mapTraxx app

Your participants need to have the app installed on their smartphones.

It is available on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry, so you don't need to worry about them not being able to use it.

Head on over to the app store to download and install it. It is small and unobtrusive.

Using the website

Once you've registered you can login at any time.

You will be taken to your dashboard where you can start, stop and review your tracking sessions.

Active sessions are those that you have started but not yet stopped.

When you start a session, you'll be asked to give it a name. Your participants will need to choose the session they are participating in, so you need to make it meaningful to you and them. Once started, you can invite your participants to join.

Press the Watch this session button to manage the participation requests and to track the participants.

Press the Stop this session button when you have finished tracking.

Using the app

To join a tracking session that you have started, invite your participants to start the mapTraxx app on their smartphone.

The app relies on the phone having location services switched on, and that the mobile network is available.

They will login to mapTraxx via the app using your account name and the participant password that you set up when you registered.

Once they have logged in, they will be shown a list of the active tracking session names. They pick the appropriate name, specify an identifying name (made up of letters, numbers and spaces).

Once they press Start, the app will then run silently in the background, passing their current location information back to the website at regular intervals.

Watching a session : Managing participants

The participants list will update automatically as new join requests come in. You will need to accept or reject the request.

Once accepted, a coloured marker will be displayed on the map, with the participants latest position. You can change the colour of the marker at any time during the session by activating the colour picker.

If you want to temporarily hide a participant marker, click the Deactivate button. You can Reactivate them later on. While deactivated, the participants position will continue to be updated.