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The ski holiday company

It's transfer day...we have coaches moving from airports to resorts and back again all day.

We have guests arriving into 3 different airports and going to 8 different resorts

Keeping track of who is where is usually a logistical nightmare. Knowing where our guests are, and when they will be arriving in resort is critical for our outstanding customer service to work from the minute they step out of the baggage hall.

We used to rely on the reps having the opportunity to phone in when they are approaching the airport or the resort, but more often than not, they are attending to the guests on the coach.

Instead we now use mapTraxx so that we can see at a glance where each of the coaches are and how close to their destination they are.

It now means that the reps can focus on delivering a better service to our guests and the in-resort staff can easily check on their progress.

This is a fictitious example provided to give you a taste of how mapTraxx can be used

How it works